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          TA-850 Entry Level CNC Vertical Machine Center

          TA-850 Entry Level CNC Vertical Machine Center

          • Model NO. TA-850
          • Accept Min order:No
          Basic Information
          Product Description

          Revolutionary Machine Body Design

          • The TA-850 vertical machine was desinged with the most advance FEM analysis software on the market. So we are able to test the vertical machine design under many different stressed conditions. With this confirmation we are sure the TA-850 is able to meet any customer requirement without any problem.

          • When structure is everthing the TA-850 CNC vertical machine center does not disappoint. With one of the widest stance in its class, the machine is more than capable of handling what ever cutting job that the industry or the customer have to offer.

          Controller Choices

          The Takam TA-Series CNC vertical machine center is designed to reach every market and every user. Not only focsuing on the education

          sector, Xiamen takam machinery aims to use this machine to reach also any type of beginner cnc machinery users with a wide variety of

          controller choices, so each machine is customized to customer habits.

          Umbrella Type 16 Tools

          Umbrella Type 20 Tools

          Arm Type 24 Tools

          Since the TA-Series cnc vertical machine center is the entroductory level machine into the market, we have several choices for

          the customers to choose from. We have separated this out from our standard machine specifications so the customers can

          have the maximum selection on the items they would need on their machines and work piece.

          Work table size (mm)1000*550
          Machining area (mm)850*520
          T Slot (mm)80*18*5
          Max weight on work table (kg)400
          X/Y/Z Axis travel (mm)800*550*550
          Spindle nose to work table surface (mm)110-660
          Spindle Center to Worktable (mm)520
          Spindle taper BT40
          Spindle RPM (rpm)8,000
          Spindle delivery type Belt
          Spindle motor (kw/hp)5.5
          Axis motorMitsubishi(kw)1.5/1.5/3.0
          Axis motorFanuc(kw)1.8/1.8/3.0
          Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(mm/min)1-10,000
          Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(m/min)36/36/36
          (X/Y/Z Axis) Linear guideway35/35/35(Roller)
          Position accuracy (mm)±0.015
          Repeatability (mm)±0.008
          Cooling pump (hp)3/4
          Air requirement (kg/cm2)6
          Voltage requirement (kva)15
          Machine Weight (kw)4,000
          Exterior sizeL×W×H(mm)2,300*2,640*2,780