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          DBM-5030 CNC Gantry Type Machine Center

          DBM-5030 CNC Gantry Type Machine Center

          • Model NO. DBM-5030
          • Accept Min order:No
          Basic Information
          Product Description

          DBM - Series

          Since 1989, Takam machinery has been providing solutions to every industrial need. With larger and faster-moving machines that currently are in high demand. Takam once again provide a soltuion to the problem. Introducing the DBM-Series the moving column machine center, this machine was created for the high speed machining requirements and needs that many top leading companies look for in a machine.

          High Strength Z & Y Construction

          Y-Axis was designed with two linear guide ways and one box way to create a triple strength construction, which gives the machine high accuracy, and proved a stable surface for high speed travel.

          High Accuracy Heavy Duty Ball Screw

          The DBM-Series high speed gantry type double column machining center was designed with heavy duty ball screw ranging from 50 mm to 80 mm in diameter.

          X-Axis (mm)5,000
          Y-Axis (mm)2,000-3,000
          Z-Axis (mm)1,000
          Spindle Nose to Work Table (mm)200-1,200
          Bridge Width(Include Slash Cover,mm)2,300-3,300
          Work table Length (mm)5,000
          Work tableWidth (mm)2,800
          Work table Max load (kg/㎡)2,500
          Spindle Motor(Cont,per 30min) (kw(hp))22/26(30/35)
          Spindle Speed (rpm)10-12,000
          Spindle TaperBT40/HSK-63A
          Tool Changer (NO.)32
          Tool Max. Diameter (mm)127/215