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          TE-1060 Wide Base Cnc Vertical Machine

          TE-1060 Wide Base Cnc Vertical Machine

          • Model NO. TE-1060
          • Accept Min order:No
          Basic Information
          Product Description


          Designed with efficiency and productivity in mind!

          HIGH SPEED


          HIGH POWER

          36m/min opt 48m/min

          850 to 1300mm


          Rapid Travel

          Wortable Size

          Spindle power

          Extra Wide Column & Base

          The TE-SERIES vertical machine center is designed with extra wide base and extrawide column, gives the machine structure stronger rigidity and when the machine is going under heavy duty machining it will give the machine longer life and more precision parts

          High Precision Spindle

          TE-Series vertical machine center uses the best spindle brands, for the TE-855 machine Takam use diameter 120mm spindle with standard ring splash funtion.

          High Grade C3 Ball Screws and Linear Guideway

          At Takam Machinery we only use world wide recongition brands such as HIWIN, PMI or THK to ensure the precision and durability of our machines, we believe in cooperation with the professionals.

          High Precision Bearing

          All Takam machines uses high precision NSK bearings, we do not mix any local chinese brands into our production of the machine. With optional we can install SKF bearings also.

          Various Options of Controller

          Xiamen Takam Machinery trys to satisfy all market customers, so we offer a wide range of brands of controller such as Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor and heidenhain.

          Mitsubishi M80A/M80B

          Fanuc 0I-MF

          Siemens 808D/828D

          Work table size (mm)1,100*600
          Machining area (mm)1,000*620
          X/Y/Z Axis travel (mm)1,000*620*550
          Spindle motor (kw/hp)11
          Axis motorMitsubishi(kw)3/3/3
          Axis motorFanuc(kw)3/3/3
          Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(mm/min)1-10,000
          Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(m/min)36/36/36
          (X/Y/Z Axis) Linear guideway35/35/35(Roller)
          Position accuracy (mm)±0.005
          Repeatability (mm)±0.003